Welcome to Backdrop!

Backdrop is a space for meaningful contribution. By providing the social connective tissue between tokenized communities, we aim to empower people—from core contributors, to guild leaders, to casual token-holders —with a platform for thoughtful participation, all in one place.

Tokenized communities need a more participation-centric approach to contribution and community management, and we’re creating better tools to help these communities protect and promote their own values and cultural norms.

We want to help people discover and share in the value of their communities, and in addition to the guidelines set by each respective community, we also expect our users to uphold the core platform principles of Backdrop.

Platform Principles

These are a standard set of guiding principles to help promote safe behaviors and activate self governance across the platform. We ask that you both adhere to the guidelines of your individual communities, as well as practice the values that we uphold together as Backdrop.

  1. Community Autonomy: Our priority is to put control in the hands of communities. We expect you (both moderators and contributors) to wield this power wisely, and be intentional with what and how you share content and engage in discussions. Community autonomy applies both to the level of community—how each project engages with one-another—as well as the level of the individual—how people discover and redistribute information across their respective communities.
  2. Collective Expression: We value inclusivity and nurture diversity. As you navigate the platform, we remind you to be thoughtful about your contributions to discourse, and intentional about how you choose to communicate with others. Our tools empower you not just to act for yourself, but also on behalf of your community; representing the collective culture and community values of your social affinities. Communities will not be held responsible for your individual contributions, but these interactions will reflect on your larger community, and we ask that you keep this in mind and are intentional in connection.
  3. Mindful Moderation: Please practice self-moderation and control—like every other platform, we have no tolerance for harassment, threatening or manipulative content, explicit or personal media in violation with our users, or impersonation, deception or any illegal acts. This list is endless—we also ask that you also make us aware of malicious practices you encounter on the platform, in order to ensure that Backdrop is a safe space for everyone. Failure to engage mindfully will result in the report and deletion of your profile.
  4. Signal over Noise: Backdrop is a place for meaningful conversation and contribution. While we will largely defer to our respective communities to create their own policies around content quality and moderation, information on Backdrop is designed to travel across communities—we will not tolerate activity that aims to exploit the tools we have in place for overly self-promotional or “spammy” content.

Backdrop reserves the right to remove or hide any content that fails to live up to our platform principles, and community admins have the capacity to moderate their own pages in line with their respective community guidelines.